Oh to be a bird… however watching them is just as amazing! Since we couldn’t locate our bird feeders for spring, we decided to make our own. Digging through the recycle bin’s massive amount of wine bottles…the egg cartons seemed to be a better choice with kids and a dog involved.

First things first… Pinterest! Thank you for the great idea! Then we decided to let it be a kid project so what seemed like 4+ hours later… we had a finished product! 🙂 Many meltdowns and a scissor debacle later and we survived and loaded it up with bird seed.

Now where do we put it? Many areas to pick from, however the kids ended up trying the grass. Fred kept watch. No birds. Guess we’ll try again when Fred isn’t sitting right next to it. Silly dog.

Fred with DIY Bird FeederMy faves from today:

Thank you to these awesome websites!