In life, you hope for perfection, think you didn’t capture it… then realize that perfection is how you see the world… and it’s perfect! This is of course after 20+more takes and a glass of wine to regroup later… 🙂

Example A: Mini photography session with the three kiddos. I wanted a gorgeous posed shot of my lovelies’ feet although using the words, “point your toes to the sky” to attempt to capture the cute shot… I get this. A seven-year-old trying hard to point to the sky with his toes and heels still on the ground, my five-year-old talking about the birds flying overhead and my two-year-old literally getting her toes as close to the sky as possible. I love them.

Three other amazing photographers that I love are:

  • Erin Elizabeth Photography in Australia (website)
    She’s absolutely brilliant in capturing life’s beautiful moments, please check her out!
  • Luminance Photography in Colorado, United States (website)
    Captured the most loving, beautiful pictures of my gorgeous niece and nephew, a must see!
  • Megan O’Leary Photography & Design in Wisconsin, United States (website)
    Megan is just amazing at capturing gorgeous real moments in life, explore her site!

Thank you to these amazing photographers for letting me spread the love I have of their work. Honored to know you all!