Change comes at the most important time in your life and desires to be embraced and attacked head on. No going back my loves.

In high school, we learn to be independent and arm ourselves with the tools needed to pick back up when we fail… and oh will we fail.

College… we try to remember the things we learned in high school… and since we forgot… we learn all over again, have fun and make memories that we’ll cherish forever. And when we make mistakes (or bad choices?)… quite a few… we get back up and try again.

And you attempt to study, with your trusty fur baby by your side.


Then the working world… you survive your first few weeks and then start to imagine what life will become. You make amazing memories and meet some pretty awesome people along the way!

Meg and Meg

You celebrate big milestones with your loves.


You pray so hard it hurts… and then cancer gives you your Mom back.
#believer #belieber? #maybe 😉


Your brother never leaves your side… even when you annoy the …. out of him and call him his favorite nicknames from when he was 5. But pay him back…with s’mores!!!!

And sisters… you laugh so hard and try to get the best possible no double-chin picture… while not spilling your wine… and perfection!


And then love. Love, when identified appropriately… lol… DIVE AT IT with your whole self. Don’t hold back, you have the tools to pick yourself back up if it fails, you cannot miss the potential of it, attack it head on and embrace it. Change will keep us happy, healthy and in love with whatever we chose in life. LOVE change.

J_M wedding

The top three changes that have shaped my life:

  1. Moving away from home to go to school, what an adventure!
  2. Marrying my high school sweetheart. 🙂
  3. Having my first baby, your life is never the same. #amazing #crazy #loveit

What are the three changes that you’ve attacked head-on that have shaped your life?