You’ve got 15 minutes.

As a coffee drinker, and after I’ve successfully fed the troops breakfast (3 children and 90 pound lab) I quickly sit down to roughly 15 minutes of quiet time without the word “Mom” being called out continuously with the following words, “I’m hungry!” Note: they just got done eating breakfast.

Anyway, I sit down… for 15 minutes… WHAT DO I DO NOW I HAVE EXACTLY 15 MINUTES!!! I chug my hot coffee, scan social media sites, make a plan for when I’ll slip in some blog time and social media plan review, then I take a moment on what motivates me. AND DO IT!

My top three sites that give me that boost to face the day, stay organized in my goals and go for the gold in everything that comes my way…

  • Gary Vaynerchuk… he’s a wealth of info on business and a great add to your daily readings! He’s becoming one of my faves. Check him out, videos and website here. Yet another #bucketlist item, to meet him!
  • seriously sign up for “your notes from the universe”, you will not be disappointed. Brightens my day and starts my morning off fabulously! One day I hope to attend one of the events! #bucketlist
  • For anyone looking for good reading on faith, “Our Daily Bread” is an interesting read and they have a daily email sign up too.

Whatever keeps you whole my friends, peace out. Back in a few.